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53卡塔尔国 D They realized that science and technology alone were no guarantee
for a better world.推论题。
大家首先相比便于撤废A和C项。B项具备吸引性,关键是看“the stability of a
society depended heavily on humanistic
“Two world wars and a Great Depression rocked the confidence of many
people that scientific expertise alone could create a prosperous and
ordered world.”

  B)make D)bring

M:Youmight know presumably?

48.答案:lose composure分析:文中提到may lead to a loss of

  M: Great, thanks a lot.

M:While we have been believed that we would be in account ofa good
proportion of this older, thicker, technically multi-year ice that
hasbeen around for a few years and just get thicker and thicker. we
actually findthere wasn’t any multi-year ice at all.

Passage Two

  B) Unpleasant words in sports are often used by foreign athletes.

with their new born infantis a bad idea because it increases the risk

People hold different views toward this phenomenon. Some believe that
these lists help the students a lot, especially for those who will
choose their university. While some other protest vigorously. In their
points, the list is really ridiculous and harmful. In my view, the
university ranking may have its own reference values, but its
disadvantages overweigh its values.

  M: No, I’ve only been searching for books.

Contrary to analysts’doubts, the author believes drugprices may be
lowered through negotiation.

7.B They find it hard to balance career and

  32. A) Because there are no signs to direct them.

Q:5.Whatare the speakers mainly talking about?


  C) They have outnumbered male students.

Conversion of paper to electronic medical records will helpeliminate
redundant tests and prevent drug interactions

Section C

  F) native N)breakthrough


2.B Intergenerational conflicts will
intensify。拆解解析:从书名定位到原来的小说第二段,heading for the rock, the

  27. What will future news reports focus on when talking about

Lecture 2:


  Russia had signed the Kyoto Protocol, but has not yet approved it.
The agreement takes effect when it has been approved by nations that
produce at least 55 percent of the world’s greenhouse gases. (45)But
currently, nations producing only 44 percent have approved the Protocol.
Russia produces about 17 percent of the world’s green-house gases.. The
United States, the world’s biggest producer, withdrew from the Kyoto
Protocol after President Bush took office in 2001. So, Russia’s approval
is required to put the Kyoto Protocol into effect.

consecutive interpreting.


  B) Buy her own computer. D) Stay home and complete her paper.

W: How did you alliance strategy throughout the company?

Part Ⅵ 翻译

  40. competition 41. exchange 42. process 43. environmental

48.准确接受CIt has placed TV advertising at a greatdisadvantage.



unemployment insurance.it pays late of workers to have their previous
wages law

Passage Two

  B) Because no tour guides are available.

in different cultures. Lead author TTTT wrote in an email that the

Section B

  B) It should be brought up-to-date.

Lecture 3

Section A

  B) Loyalty. D) Durability.

be effective.But the good news is the Moffitt says that self-controlcan
be taught by the parents and through school curricula that have proved
tobe effective. Terry Moffitt’s paper on the link on self-control and
adultstatus is later is published proceeding the academy of sciences.

Part Ⅴ 完型填空


M:Now,I’d like to begin by saying that I have on theoccasions used an
interpretermyself as a foreign correspondent.So I’m full ofmemo rations
for what youdo.6. But I think yourprofession is sometimes underrated
and many people thinkanyone who speaks morethan one language can do

Enjoying an iced coffee? Better skip dinner or hit the gym afterwards,
with a cancer charity warning that some iced coffees contain as many
calories as a hot dinner. The World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF)
conducted a survey of iced coffees sold by some popular chains in
Britain including Starbucks, Caffe Nero and Costa Coffee to gauge the
calories as studies increasingly link obesity with cancer. The worst
offender - a coffee from Starbucks -- had 561 calories. Other iced
coffees contained more than 450 calories and the majority had an excess
of 200. Health experts advise that the average woman should consume
about 2,000 calories a day and a man about 2,500 calories to maintain a
healthy weight. Dieters aim for 1,000 to 1,500 calories a day. "The fact
that there is an iced coffee on the market with over a quarter of a
woman's daily calories allowance is alarming," Dr Rachel Thompson,
science programme manager at London-based WCRF, said in a
widely-reported statement. "This is the amount of calories you might
expect to have in an evening meal, not in a drink."The WCRF has
estimated that 19,000 cancers a year in Britain could be prevented if
people lost their excess weight with growing evidence that excess body
fat increases the risk of various cancers. "If you are having these
types of coffee regularly then they will increase the chances of you
becoming overweight, which in turn increases your risk of developing
cancer, as well as other diseases such as heart disease." she added.

  Friends of the man who is getting married may have a bachelor party
for him. This usually takes place the night before the wedding. Only men
are invited to the bachelor party.

32.没错抉择E emphasizing

49.答案:stress-related disorders拆解深入分析:文中提到can contribute to
stress-related disorder。

  C) Writing a course book.

W: Some observations and summering service over the pastseveral years
has shown less ice in the polar region.20.Butthe recent measurements
show the lost is more pronounced than the previousthought.

范文1: It is a not-uncommon social phenomenon that the university
rankings are especially prevalent in our country. For example,
universities are measured by scale, academic achievements or the number
of papers published in famous magazines.

  D) Because the university is everywhere in the city.

come back the rapidly now. Because it takes a long time to work it
through into

Part II 急迅阅读

  M: TV? Isn’t that a bit too expensive for us? What’s wrong with
advertising in the papers, as usual?

18.What doesPennsylvania state representative say is the best way to
help long-termunemployed?

Part Ⅲ 听力

  (46) To join the W.T.O., a country must reach trade agreements with
major trading countries that are also W.T.O. members. Russia must still
reach agreements with China, Japan, South Korea and the United
States.图片 1


  1. A深入分析:第意气风发段原来的书文能够找到对应句子,即some iced coffees contain as
    many calories as a hot dinner.

  2. B剖析:第意气风发段最先的小说中有对应语句,即Better skip dinner or hit the gym

  3. C剖析:在那句中,“The WCWranglerF has estimated that 19,000 cancers a year
    in Britain could be prevented…”,关键词prevented能够获知答案为C选项。

  Tape Script of Listening Comprehension

M:We has to do that incredibly. And that we have to find theequipment
.What the needs urgency The carbon we produce into the atmospherekeeps
the warming fire for 1000 years.22.So we have to

Questions 22 to 25 are based on the conversation you have just heard.

  n Dump—an open hole in the ground where trash is buried and that is
full of various animals (rats, mice, birds). (This is most people’s idea
of a landfill!)



  68.A)save C)raise

12.What can we learn from the report?

16W I’d like to exchange the shirt. I’ve learned that the person bought
it for allergic to wool.M Maybe we can find something in cotton or silk.
Please come this way.Q;What does the women want to do?

  The trash production in the United States has almost tripled since

15.What does the speaker say about television?

50.答案:their relationship with partners深入解析:文中涉及…report lower
relationship satisfaction as do their female

  But the sky isn’t the limit. In the future, you’ll probably even be
able to take a trip to the moon, Instead of listening to regular
airplane announcements, you’ll hear someone say, “The spacecraft to the
moon leaves in ten minutes. Please check your equipment. And remember,
no more than ten ounces of carry-on baggage are allowed.”

guidance to help find local job opportunity.So here is job opening .Here
is job seeker.But the lack of workopportunities limit how much she can
help. Rosen says he hopes congress willtake action. This month, he
launched the nineteen unions and organizations ofeighteen internet based
grass root gross groups

1.A not be sustained in the long

  B) He refused to continue the game.

help long-term unemployed is to allow local company that can create more
jobs .But the boost investigator for the plan to work will take time
Time thatRosen says requiresfood and payments .Rosen says who uses the
last stating to try to hang on to he worked for morethan twenty years to
buy. But one study is gone . He doesn’t know what hell do

go to the beach for a holiday。拆解解析:would rather join you as a
volunteer考察结构“宁愿…也不愿…”, 因题干中已存在“than
go”的构造,只好使用 “would rather do rather than do”。参与… join

  M: He’s certainly in a position to make that comment. He’s been
there so often.

Mothers have been warnedfor years that sleeping


  B) It’s a bit outdated. D) It’s of little practical value.

that the baby might die unexpectedly during the night.But now Israeli

For those university-students-to-be, they are supposed to choose the
school according to his or her own situation, but not the so-called
Ranking List. What’s more, how about the university students? How do
they feel about themselves when they see the ranking? The list may
become some intangible shackles for them if their own school ranks


Gragroszen lost her job as a sales manager nearly three yearsago.and it
is still unemployed.it is literally like something a dream toremember
what it is like to actually be able to go out and it Puts the days
towork and receive a day pay

  1. What is one of the most frightening threats of global warming
    according to the passage?C卡塔尔 Many coastal cities will be covered with
    water.细节题。本题轻松,从听力以前就可以听到 “raising sea level so much
    that coastal cities from New York to Los Angles to Shanghai will be
    flooded” 所以选C选项。

  2. What do scientists disagree on?B卡塔尔(英语:State of Qatar) How unstable the West Antarctic
    ice sheet is.细节题。本题轻便。注意关键句 “but Antarctic experts
    disagree strongly on just how unstable it is” 就能够得出答案。

  3. What is the latest information revealed about the West Antarctic ice
    sheet?A)It collapsed at least once during the past 1.3 million
    years.细节题。注意提取关键音信 “new evidence reveals that all or most of
    the Antarctic ice sheet collapsed at least once during the past 1.3
    million years” 所以选A选项。

  4. What the scientists’ latest findings suggest?A卡塔尔(قطر‎ The West Antarctic
    region was once a open ocean.细节题。听力最后的例证表达了那点“which
    suggest that the region was once open ocean not solid ice”,

  58. Harsh words are spoken during games because the


A host of individuals are divided over this issue about university
ranking .An army of folks deem that we are supposed to be concerned
about the ranking because the ranking is the sole standard of measuring
the school’s comprehensive level . Plus, when choosing the university
for their kids, a growing number of parents take the ranking into
account. However, others maintain that it’s not a wise and rational idea
to view the university ranking as the only standard, put in another way
, we should not over-value the ranking. The ranking is the outward style
of the university .

  B)to D)on

M:Simultaneousinterpreting, putting someone’s words intoanother language
more or less asthey speak, sounds to me like the moredifficult.

Passage Three

  Q: What are the speakers doing?

criminal record in their adult years.Researchers has been studying
thegroup of children for decades now. Some of the early observations
have to dowith the level of self-control the youngsters displayed
parents, teachers, eventhe kids themselves, scored the youngsters on
measures like "acting beforethinking" and "persistence in reaching
goals." The children ofthe study are now adults in their thirties.
Terrie Moffitt of Duke Universityand her research colleague found that
kids with self-control issues tended togrow up to become adults with a
far more troubling set of issues to deal with."The children who had the
lowest self-control when they were age three to10, later on had the most
health problems in their thirties," Moffittsaid, "and they had the worst
financial situation. They were more likelyto have a criminal record and
to be raising a child as a single parent on avery low income.""Even the
children who had above-averageself-control as pre-schoolers, could have
benefited from more self-controltraining. They could have improved their
financial situation and their physicaland mental health situation 30
years later."So,

32 C卡塔尔国 When the U安德拉L is reused.“In the case of 推特(Twitter卡塔尔(قطر‎, the company says
data may hang around until the UMuranoL in question is

  46. To join the W.T.O., a country must reach trade agreements with
major trading countries that are also W.T.O. members.



  C) They house more books than any other university library.

Questions12-15 are based on the passage you just heard.

  1. What does the woman say about British railways?

  2. What do some people who write to the man complain about?

  3. What does the man say threatens the existence of railways?

  4. What does the man say about railways in other countries?

  Americans generally are engaged for a period of about one year if
they are planning a wedding ceremony and party. During the time, friends
of the bride may hold a party at which women friends and family members
give the bride gifts that she will need as a wife. These could include
cooking equipment or new clothing.

was a company was much following a pack, doing everyone else was doing.

10.military service分析:要清楚标题中less willing to
的含义,即不情愿,那样定位到倒数第三段率先句的reluctant, commit sth. to
sth. ,空格内亟待填写名词,参照原来的小说,即military service。

  The oil industry goes with the high end of the range, which could
equal as much as 一成 of U.S. consumption for as long as six years. By
pumping more than 1 million barrels a day from the reserve for the next
two to three decades, lobbyists claim, the nation could cut back on
imports equivalent to all shipments to the U.S. from Saudi Arabia.
Sounds good. An oil boom would also mean a multibillion-dollar windfall
(意外之财卡塔尔(英语:State of Qatar) in tax revenues, royalties (开辟权使用费卡塔尔国 and leasing fees
for Alaska and the Federal Government. Best of all, advocates of
drilling say, damage to the environment Would be insignificant. “We’ve
never had a documented case of an oil rig chasing deer out onto the pack
ice,” say Alaska State Representative Scott Ogan.

Fair competition might create a strong incentive for insurersto charge

  1. There is no denying that you ___________(越留意越好卡塔尔(قطر‎ in
    dealing with this matter。解析:can never be too careful / can not be
    too careful本题考查“越细致越好”“再…也不为过”的一定搭配,即can never be
    too/can not be too + adj。一定要承认,管理那件事,越细致越好。

  2. Only when I reached my thirties
    (小编才察觉到阅读是不可能被忽略的卡塔尔国深入深入分析:did I realize that reading cannot be
    neglected /did I realize that reading is unignorable本题考查由only when
    when指点句牛时态为过去时(reached卡塔尔(英语:State of Qatar),为保险时态意气风发致,主句助动词用did;注意被动语态的运用,reading与neglect为被动关系。同一时间也足以动用be+adj的构造。直到贰拾拾岁,作者才意识无法忽略读书。

  3. Much ___________________
    (使商量人士以为惊喜卡塔尔(قطر‎,the outcome of the experiment was far better than
    they had expected。深入解析:to the researchers’ surprise本题考察固定搭配 to
    one’s surprise

  4. Oh, my, I can’t find my key;
    must have left / put it

  21.What does the woman suggest about human resources?

homes, and pushed out traditional storytelling and family time together,

Section B

  Representatives of the European Union met with Russian(37) officials
in Moscow. They signed a trade agreement that took six years to (38)

W: Well then, first congratulations. It seems to have beenvery

31 B卡塔尔国 The way they store data.“Why do "deleted" photos stick around so
long? The problem relates to the way data is stored on large

  C) In The New York Times.


3.D politicians are afraid of losing votes in the next

  Q: What can be inferred from the conversation?

M:I am certain of it.Absolutely. Especially it was difficult for a
copy. The risk is the core thatthe innovation to limitation.

Part Ⅳ 阅读

  A landfill, such as the North Wake County Landfill, must be open and
available every day. Customers are typically municipalities and
construction companies, although residents may also use the landfill.

W: Was the innovation the core of the project?

62 B set out set out plans表示制定安排63 C abandoning abandon 遗弃,once
unshakeable orthodoxy表示曾经坚不可摧的做法,也正是当今要抛弃了。64 B
with struggle
A intends intend to表示准备…,从背后的at the beginning of
二〇一一,可见还并未有那样做,只是布署可能绸缪这么做。66 C exceeded
抢先,是说当客商每月阅读文章超过一定量时将要收取金钱。67 C on 和side搭配,on
the side of …表示拥护…;站在…后生可畏边。68 B charge
本词在随笔中频仍产出,charge sb表示向有些人收取金钱。69 B such as
表示比如,从背后举London's Evening Standard作为例子,可以预知应该选such
as.70 B free 后面提到abandon readership
revenue,即屏弃读者收益,由此可以预知应该是make print editions free.71 D
acknowledged 表示肯定,这里表示Arthur Sulzberger承认这么做是大器晚成种赌钱。72
C bet 打赌,赌注,早前方的gamble可以知道应该选bet。73 A circulation
发行量,从背后的多少可见应该选circulation。74 A behind
NYT排行第三,即排在the Wall Street Journal and USA Today后边。75 C While
while在那地代表比较,从上下文可以知道NYT与U.S.A.此外报纸差异。76 D claim
声称,宣称,这里是说NYT声称自个儿是全国范围的报刊文章。77 C maintains
维持,运维,即NYT还在世界任哪儿方运转着30个办公室。78 D like
A serious
严重的,考查形容词与名词的衬托,从下文的数量可以预知遭逢严重经济损失。80 D
suffered 遭逢,suffer a loss境遇到损伤失,不感觉奇搭配。81 C loan

  Directions: In this section, you will hear a passage three times.
When the passage is read for the first time, you should listen carefully
for its general idea. When the passage is read for the second time, you
are required to fill in the blanks numbered from 36 to 43 with the exact
words you have just heard. For blanks numbered from 44 t0 46 you are
required to fill in the missing information. For these blanks ,you can
either use the exact words you hove just heard or write down the main
points in your own words . Finally, when the passage is read for the
third time ,you should check what you have written.

worse sleep whether they slept in the same or different room from their

  1. What warning did some health experts give?

  2. What does the author suggest people do after they have an iced

  3. What could British people expect if they maintain a normal body
    weight according to the WCRF?

  W: If you need any help, I’ll be over at the Reference Desk.

Passage one


  B)lay D)adapt

explorers Pen Huddle and his team tried three months to cross the frozen

13W: The handle of the suitcase is broken. Can you have it fixed by next
Tuesday?M: Let me see, I need to find a handle that matches but that
shouldn’t take too long.Q: What does the man mean?

  25. A) At the end of the online catalogue.

that some help.

56卡塔尔(قطر‎ C Humanistic thinking helps cultivate and define our culture and
“But try to imagine our world as well without the remarkable works that
have defined our culture and values.” 及作者的话音能够更进一层鲜明是C选项。

  C) Aggressive behavior in sports can have serious consequences.

35.正确抉择B beneficial

11W: This is one of our best and least expensive two-bedroom listings.
It’s located in a quiet building and it’s close to bus lines.M: That
maybe true. But look at it, it’s awful, the paint has peeled off and
carpet is worn and the stove is ancient.Q: What can we infer from the

  B) They select their own students.

8.Whatdo most of interpreters think of consecutiveinterpreting?

W: When you write a novel, do you know where you’re going, Dr. James?M:
Yes, you must, really, if you’re writing the classical detective story,
because it must be so carefully plotted and so carefully clued. I have
schemes. I have charts. I have diagrams. It doesn’t mean to say that I
always get it right, but I do plan before I begin writing. But what is
so fascinating is how a book changes during the process of writing. It
seems to me that creative writing is a process of revelation, really,
rather than of creativity in the ordinary sense.W: When you’re planning
the basic structure, do you like to go away to be sure that you’re by
yourself?M: I need to be by myself certainly, absolutely. I can’t even
bare anybody else in the house. I don’t mind much where I am as long as
I’ve got enough space to write, but I need to be completely alone.W: Is
that very important to you?M: Oh, yes. I’ve never been lonely in all my
life.W: How extraordinary! Never?M: No, never.W: You’re very lucky.
Someone once said that there’s a bit of ice at the heart of every
writer.M: Yes. I think this is true. The writer can stand aside from
experience and look at it, watch it happening. There is this
‘detachment’ and I realize that there are obviously experiences which
would overwhelm everyone. But very often, a writer can appear to stand
aside, and this detachment makes people feel there’s a bit of ice in the


Q19: What did Pen Huddle and his team do in the Arctic Ocean?

On my personal level, however, ranking matters much to a university ,
but enhancing the teaching and comprehensive quality is on the top of
university’s priority, ranging from the faculty to teaching methods to
teaching instruments and so forth . Only in these ways can we bulid up
fast-paced and flagship university smoothly .

  17. A) The houses for sale are of poor quality.


  1. What is the key to write a good classical detective story according
    to the man?

  2. What does the man mainly need when working on a book?

  3. What does the man say about writers?

  78.A)adopt C)stick

From a very earlyage, some children exhibit better self-control than
others.Now, a new study began with 1,000 children in New Zealand

范文2: Nowadays, university and college ranking has become increasingly
popular though out the nation. According to the survey conducted by
China Daily, an estimated 85$ universities are closely concerned about
the ranking. In other words, we cannot fail to notice the obvious trend
that university ranking has become a social focus, triggering a wide
concerns across the nation, especially from school campuses.

  M: No, not really. Can we go over it now?

tracked how low self-control can predict poor health, money troubles and
even a

On the other hand, we have to pay attention to an unexpected phenomenon
that some people have ignored the objectivity of university ranking.
Take South university of science and technology of china for an example,
this university occupies the second position in some university
rankings. In those rankings, it is superior to Peking University and
Tsinghua university. In a word, we should inspire the advantages of
university and abandon its disadvantages.

  M: We’ll have to look at the figures more closely. Have finance draw
up a budget for these investments.

of sudden infant death in the room,the AmericanAcademy of PD recommends

Passage One

  only once. After you hear a question, you must choose the best
answer from the

  1. What is the new study about?

  2. What does the study seem to show?

  3. What does Moffitt say is the good news to the study?

Questions 19 to 21 are based on the conversation you have just heard.

  Part VI Translation


47.答案:feminine and weak剖析:文中提到…because they believe that such
feelings are feminine and imply weakness. 要填在to

  Q: What does the man say about Bob?

mothers not sleep in the same bed with their babies, but sleep in the

9.mostly have families剖判:题目中第一字intergenerational

  W: I’ll look into it , but I think higher costs will be justified.
These investments will result in higher profits for our company.


5.D younger workers are readily

  D) Oil exploitation takes a long time.

At first Rosen made house payments with the help

  1. What is one of the most frightening threats of global warming
    according to the passage?

  2. What did scientists disagree on?

  3. What is the latest information revealed about the West Antarctic ice

  4. What the scientists’ latest findings suggest?

  M: It sure is. The architecture of these buildings is in the Greek
style. It was popular in the eighteenth century here.

some great potential. Particularly in their product development. I just

Section A

  n the historical value of the proposed site

With a tax imposed on expensive health insurance plans, mostemployers
will likely transfer money from health expense into wages.

12M: The pictures we took at the botanical garden should be ready
tomorrow.W: I can’t wait to see them, I’m wondering if the shots I took
are as good as I thought.Q: What is the woman eager to know?

  44. These “greenhouse gases” trap heat in the atmosphere and are
blamed for changing the world’s climate.

W: What is the revival in their fortune? Did it highly do toa strategic

Among global warming’s most frightening threats is the prediction is
that the polar ice-caps will melt, raising sea level so much that
coastal cities from New York to Los Angles to Shanghai will be flooded.
Scientists agree that key player in this scenario is the West Antarctic
ice sheet, a Brazil-size mass of frozen water that is much as 7000 feet
thick. Unlike floating ice shelves which have little impact on sea level
when they break up, the ice sheet is anchored to bedrock will blow the
sea surface. Surrounded by open ocean, it is also vulnerable, but
Antarctic experts disagree strongly on just how unstable it is. Now, new
evidence reveals that all or most of the Antarctic ice sheet collapsed
at least once during the past 1.3 million years, a period when global
temperatures probably were not significantly higher than they are today.
And the ice sheet was assumed to have been stable. In geological time, a
million years is recent history. The proof, which was published last
week in Science, comes from a team of scientists from Uppsala University
in Sweden and California Institute of Technology who drew deep holes
near the edge of ice sheet. Within samples collected from the solid
substances lying beneath the ice. They found fossils of microscopic
marine plants which suggest that the region was once open ocean not
solid ice. As Herman Engleheart, a co-author from the California
Institute of Technology says, ‘the West Antarctic ice sheet disappear
once and can disappear again.’

  Passage Two

M:Andsay you can divide what you do into two distinct
methodssimultaneous and

6.B large numbers of immigrants from

  Section A

First and foremost, it can be imagined and predicted thatpeople’ life
will be absolutely and definitely easier for the future generationwith
the growing number of computer machines. There is no need for people
toendeavor to finish those complicated working stuff, which will be
replaced byonly a few computer progress. All of them can be completed by
these smartrobots quickly and perfectly. In addition, people will save
much more time andenergy when they deal with a task, because robots are
their ideal replacementfor these tough problems. As a result, it will
save them plenty of time forfeeling communication or even some

51.答案:aggressive深入解析:文中提到…into physically aggression or

  20. A) It cost much more than its worth.

W: Does innovation on a scale really give competitiveadvantage?

Passage Three

  12. A) Save time by using a computer. C) Borrow Martha’s computer.

Q21: What does Cambridge scientist Peter Whitens say in hisstudy?

Psychologists are finding that hope plays a surprisingly vital role in
giving people a measurable advantage in rounds as diverse as academic
achievement, bearing up in tough jobs, and coping with tragic illness.
And, by contrast, the loss of hope, is turning out to be a stronger sign
that a person may commit suicide than other factors long thought to be
more likely risks. ‘Hope has proven a powerful predictor of outcome in
every study we've done so far,’ said Doctor Charles R. Snyder, a
psychologist, who has devised a scale to assess how much hope a person
has. For example, in research with 3920 college students, Doctor Snyder
and his colleagues found that the level of hope among freshmen at the
beginning of their first semester was a more accurate predictor of their
college grades, than were their SAT scores or their grade point averages
in high school, the two measures most commonly used to predict college
performance. ‘Students with high hope set themselves higher goals and
know how to work to attain them,’ Doctor Snyder said. ‘When you compare
students of equivalent intelligence and past academic achievements, what
sets them apart is hope.’ In devising a way to assess hope
scientifically, Doctor Snyder went beyond the simple notion that hope is
merely the sense that everything will turn out all right. ‘That notion
is not concrete enough and it blurs two key components of hope,’ Doctor
Snyder said, ‘Having hope means believing you have both the will and the
way to accomplish your goals, whatever they may be.’

  83.A)function C)target

In a word, the growing number of robots will change our

52卡塔尔(قطر‎ A solve virtually existing all problems细节题。抓住时间点“In the
early 2oth century” 大家从第一句 “offer solutions to almost every
problem” 便可领略答案。选择A选项。

  C) He claimed that referee was unfair.

In a word, the trend that individuals choose to live in thevirtual world
will becoming more and more prevalent for sure. It is time thatwe should
take some immediate measures at the moment.

17M: Excuse me, Miss?Did anyone happen to turn in a new handbag? You
know, it’s a birthday gift for my wife.W: Let me see. Oh, we’ve got
quite a lot of women’s bags here. Can you give me more detailed
information, such as the color, the size and the trademark?Q: Where does
this conversation most probably take place?

  Questions 32 to 35 are based on the conversation you have just

49.准确选项BIt has done well in engaging the viewers.

55卡塔尔(قطر‎ A Insufficient funding.细节题。我们在第三段里能够找到答案。 从“…are
seriously underfunded…” “Humanists are usually among the lowest-paid
faculty members…” 那些新闻中,能够快捷领会是A选项。

  Part Ⅱ Reading Comprehension (Skimming and Scanning) (15 minutes)

China's innovation isbooming at an unprecedented speed. In order to
catch up with the developedcountries in the world in science and
technology as soon as possible, China hasincreased dramatically in
recent years.The research and development isextremely rapid. China's
universities and research institutes are activelycarrying out innovative
researches. These studies cover from large data tobiochemistry, new
energy to the robot and other high-tech fields. They alsowork with the
park, which is a innovation commercialization. At the same time,either
in products or business models, Chinese entrepreneurs are also trying
tobe the pioneers of innovation, aiming at adapting to consumers’
market,whichhas constantly changing and growing demand both at home and

Section C

  B)fashion D)method

have forgotten their native tongues.Another challenge to
languagesurvival is television.It has brought English into


  C) They award their own degrees.


In a nutshell, there is no easy method to rank these universities, but
the Ranking, only helps students ignore the essentials, namely, their
ninety-nine percent perspiration.

  Transportation in the future won’t be limited to the ground. Many
people predict that traffic will quickly move to the sky. In the coming
years, instead of radio reports about road conditions and highway
traffic, news reports will talk about traffic jams in the sky.

M:Todaymy guest is Dana who has worked for the last twentyyears as
aninterpreter. Dana, welcome.

8.be innovative and take risks than younger ones拆解解析:标题中old
inclined正巧与原来的小说中的more strongly
disinclined变成相比,所以答案只需摘录之后的初藳就可以,即take risks than
younger ones。

  12. W: I’m going to Martha’s house. I have a paper to complete, and
I need to use her computer.

13.For what purpose does Fred Nowosky appeal from the funding?

范文3: In recent years, all kinds of University Ranking Lists can be
found on some educational websites, or newspapers. The ranking standards
also vary. These lists have great influence on students. They are even
becoming the only scale to evaluate the colleges and universities.

  Take the 70 example of a hairdryer. If you are buying a hairdryer
,you might 71 that you are making the 72 buy if you choose one 73 look
you like and which is also the cheapest 74 price. But when you get it
home you may find that it 75 twice as long as a more expensive 76 to dry
your hair .The cost of the electricity plus the cost of your time could
well 77 your hairdryer the most expensive one of all.

Changes in policy would be approved or rejected as a whole sothat
lobbyists would find it hard to influence lawmakers.

62-66 BCBAC67-71 CBBBD72-76 CAACD77-81 CDADC

  Once the environmental impact study is complete, the permits are
granted and the funds have been raised, then construction begins. First,
access roads to the landfill site must be built if they do not already
exist. There roads will be used by construction equipment, sanitation
(环卫) services and the general public. After roads have been built,
digging can begin. In the North Wake Country Landfill, the landfill
began 10 feet below the road surface.



  W: All right. I’ll see to it.

28.不错抉择H existence

It's always fun to write about research that you can actually try out
for yourself. Try this: Take a photo and upload it to Facebook, then
after a day or so, note what the URL link to the picture is and then
delete it. Come back a month later and see if the link works. Chances
are: It will.Facebook isn't alone here. Researchers at Cambridge
University have found that nearly half of the social networking sites
don't immediately delete pictures when a user requests they be removed.
In general, photo-centric websites like Flickr were found to be better
at quickly removing deleted photos upon request. Why do "deleted" photos
stick around so long? The problem relates to the way data is stored on
large websites: While your personal computer only keeps one copy of a
file, large-scale services like Facebook rely on what are called content
delivery networks to manage data and distribution. It's a complex system
wherein data is copied to multiple intermediate devices, usually to
speed up access to files when millions of people are trying to access
the service at the same time. But because changes aren't reflected
across the content delivery networks immediately, ghost copies of files
tend to linger for days or weeks. In the case of Facebook, the company
says data may hang around until the URL in question is reused, which is
usually "after a short period of time", though obviously that time can
vary considerably.

  C) it can cause serious damage to the environment


As to this issue, opinions vary from person to person. Some people hold
that university ranking dramatically promotes the development of
university in various fields. But others maintain that university
ranking also leads to some undesirable consequences such as academic
fraud even to deceive people.

  B) The houses are too expensive for the couple to buy.

3.       What did the man sayhe should do in his business?

  1. What can we infer from the conversation?A The man is the manager of
    the apartment building从对话中看出女生在找apartment

  2. What is the woman eager to know?B How the pictures will turn
    out.女士想精通的是if the shots I took are as good as I thought.

  3. What does the man mean?C The suitcase can be fixed in
    time.男士提起find a handle前边提到 but that shouldn’t take too

  4. What do we learn about the man from the conversation?B He needs a
    vehicle to be used in harsh weather.汉子谈起truck需求operate for long
    periods of time in very cold temperatures,由此采纳选项B。very cold
    temperatures对应harsh weather.

  5. What do we learn about the woman?A She has made up her mind to
    resign.从文中女士强硬的口气I could no longer live

  6. What does the women want to do?D Replace the shirt with one of some
    other material.女士首先提到exchange the shirt,后边又表达了原因allergic
    to wool,从男人的回答也得以见见换来别的质感。因而选择D。

  7. Where does this conversation most probably take place?D At a “Lost
    and Found”哥们首先问Did anyone happen to turn in a new

  8. What does the man plan to do with his old house?C Convert in into a
    hotelbut前边是的确意图: turning it into a guest house。guest house

  9. What is the key to write a good classical detective story according
    to the man?D Careful plotting and clueing.对话中涉及it must be so
    carefully plotted and so carefully clued,对应D选项。

  10. What does the man mainly need when working on a book?D To be
    entirely alone.对话中can’t even bare anybody else, be completely

  11. What does the man say about writers?C They look at the world in a
    detached manner.关键词detachment
    抽离。诗人提到小编的经历和作品。就算说道some experiences overwhelm
    everyone, 但是前面包车型大巴but暗指了答案,stand

  12. What does the woman say about British railways?B Like it or not, you
    have to use them.在对话生龙活虎上马,女士就关系了There’s only one railway
    system, if you don't like a particular railway, you can’t go and use

  13. What do some people who write to the man complain about?D The
    monopoly of British

  14. What does the man say threatens the existence of railways?B
    Competition from other modes of transport.对话中modes of transport are
    all around对应选项B。

  15. What does the man say about railways in other countries?D They lose
    a lot of

  M: And what’s the picture?

In 2014, the per-capita GDPof Shenzhen has been 25,000 dollars, the
level of some developed countries inthe world. As for the comprehensive
power, Shenzhen has been ranked the topamong Chinese cities. Shenzhen’s
unique geographic position brings bothdomestic and overseas
entrepreneurs an ideal place to start their career.

15M: I think your boss would be very upset when he gets your letter of
resignation.W: That may be so. But in the letter, I just told him
frankly I could no longer live with his poor management and stupid
decisions.Q: What do we learn about the woman?


10 What do Israeli researchers’ findings show?

  1. What does the speaker ask us to try out?

  2. What accounts for the failure of some websites to remove photos

  3. When will the unwanted data eventually disappear from Facebook
    according to the company?

  D) It can still be used for a long time.

W: Thanks for talking to us.

30 B)Whether a deleted photo is immediately removed from the
web.听力黄金时代最初小编就提出我们尝试删除本身上传的相片“Take a photo and
upload it to 推特(TWTR.US卡塔尔(英语:State of Qatar), then after a day or so, note what the UTucsonL link to
the picture is and then delete it.”,因而可以知道应该选B。

  .66. It can be learned from the passage that oil exploitation
beneath ANWR’s frozen earth

children with minor self-control problems were likely as adults to have

Passage One

  Before you buy an expensive 84, or a service, do check the price and
85 is on offer. If possible, choose 86 three items or three estimates.

51.精确选项BInsufficient demand.

4.A allow people to work longer剖判:从题干中the most effective

  B) it can do little to solve U.S. energy problem

Passage Two

14M: This truck looks like what I need but I’m worried about
maintenance. For us it’ll have to operate for long periods of time in
very cold temperatures.W: We have several models that are especially
adaptive for extreme conditions. Would you like to see them?Q: What do
we learn about the man from the conversation?

  14. A) Teacher and student. C) Manager and office worker.


Passage one

  n the flow of surface water over the site

W:19.Earlier this year, British

As far I am concerned, every coin has two sides. On one hand, University
ranking does encourage the development and growth of colleges. Such
growth– the grand libraries, splendid stadiums and fruitful academic
achievements, has caught the attention of the world. We’re impressed by
these signs of our education’s tour to the 21st century.

  D) keep on screaming and shouting throughout the game

money needs to be spent on revitalizing languages, not just documenting
them."Some reported languages mainly in California and Oklahoma where
thousands ofIndians were forced to relocate in the 19th century have
fewer than 10 nativespeakers. Part of the issue is that tribal groups
themselves don't alwaysbelieve their languages are endangered until they
are down to the last handfulof speakers. "But progress is being made
through emerging schools, becauseif you teach children when they are
young, it will stay with them as adults andthat is the future." says
Fred Nowosky. Such schools have become a modelin Hawaii, but the
islanders' native language are still classed by the UNESCOas critically
endangered because only 1000 people speak it. The decline in the
AmericanAfrican languages has historical roots.In the mid 19th

Passage Two

  Individual colleges choose their own students, who have to meet the
minimum entrance requirements set by the university. Undergraduates
usually live and study in their colleges, where they are taught in very
small groups. Lectures, and laboratory and practical work are organized
by the university and held in university buildings.


W: There is an element there about competition then, isn’t there?
Because British railways are a nationalized industry. There’s only one
railway system in the country. If you don’t like a particular kind of
big beans, you can go and buy another. But if you don't like a
particular railway, you can’t go and use another.M: Some people who
write to me say this. They say that if you didn’t have monopoly, you
wouldn’t be able to do the things you do. Well, I don’t think we do
anything deliberately to upset our customers. We have particular
problems. Since 1946, when the Transport Act came in, we were
nationalized.W: Do you think that’s a good thing? Has it been a good
thing for the railways, do you think, to be nationalized?M: Oh I think
so, yes. Because in general, modes of transport are all around. Let’s
face the fact. The car arrived. The car is here to stay. There is no
question about that.W: So what are you saying then? Is it if the
railways happen being nationalized, they would simply have
disappeared?M: Oh, I think they would have. They’re disappearing fast in
America. Er, the French railways lose 1 billion ponds a year. The German
railways, 2 billion ponds a year. But you see, those governments are
preparing to pour money into the transport system to keep it going.W: So
in a sense, you cope between two extremes. On the one hand, you’re
trying not to lose too much money. And on the other hand, you’ve got to
provide the best service.M: Yes, you are right.

  B) Take little luggage with them. D) Undergo security checks.


Section B

  As customers enter the site, their trucks are weighed at the scale
house. Customers are charged tipping fees for using the site. The
tipping fees vary from $10 to $40 per ton. These fees are used to pay
for operation costs. The North Wake County Landfill has an operating
budget of approximately $4.5 million, and part of that comes from
tipping fees.

W: So Mike,you managed theinnovation project at Two Santack.

18M What are you going to do with the old house you are in heritage from
your grandfather?W I once intended to sell it, but now, I’m thinking of
turning it into a guest house, because it's still a solid structure.Q:
What does the man plan to do with his old house?

  M:Why don’t you buy one yourself? Think how much time you could

on-line course, while the face-to-face studying process at school also
plays a

54卡塔尔国 C America is lagging behind in the STEMS
disciplines.细节题。首要在第二段里找答案。从段落后两句“There is
considerable and justified concern that the United States is falling
behind much of the rest of the developed world in these essential
disciplines.” 大家能够猜度出是选C选项。
A和D选项相比比较容易于息灭。不选B选项,因为小说中 “印度, China, Japan, and
other regions seem to be seizing technological leadership.” seem to
评释这多少个国家只是有种趋势,但还并没有have overtaken。

  B)element D)particle

M: Sure.

  1. D. It will be some time before a new Einstein

  2. B. His independent and abstract

  3. D. They often go into 田野s yielding greater financial

  4. D. Nobody will read papers on apparently ridiculous
    theories.剖析:精确答案选取D。结合Greene讲的话,他说What an

  5. B. was little known in academic
    a virtual

  Directions: In this section, you will hear 8 short conversations and
2 long conversations. At the end of each conversation, one or more
questions will be asked about what was said. Both the conversation and
the questions will be spoken only once. After each question there will
be a pause. During the pause, you must read the four choices marked A),
B), C) and D), and decide which is the best answer. Then mark the
corresponding letter on Answer Sheet 2 with a single line through the

M: I did indeed.

Section A

  45. But currently, nations producing only 44 percent have approved
the Protocol. Russia produces about 17 percent of the world’s greenhouse

In a word, it is beneficial for students to choose sort of

  1. diverse37. tragic38. commit39. outcome40. scale41. colleagues42.
    accurate43. averages44. Students with high hope set themselves higher
    goals and know how to work to attain them,45. went beyond the simple
    notion that hope is merely the sense that everything will turn out all
    right.46. Having hope means believing you have both the will and the way
    to accomplish your goals, whatever they may be.


W: I see.

PartⅠ作文1. 当下高校排行十一分风行2. 对于这种做法,人们观念相当的小器晚成3. 笔者觉着……

  Section B


  W: Hello, Gary. How’re you?

26.不得不承认抉择O undertakes

  A) it will drain the oil reserves in the Alaskan region

the UNESCO as ranging between unsafe and extinct."We need more funding
and more effort to return theselanguages to everyday use," says Fred
Nowosky of the National museum ofthe American Indians,"we are making
progress, but

  There are two ways to bury trash:

17.What is the localdirector Elizabeth of the box county careering

  B)purpose D)task

team also didn’t measure father sleep. So it is possible that patterns

  65. What do the environmentalists mean by saying “Not so fast”
(Line1, Psra.3)?

removing them from their homes and cultures. Within a few generations,

  D) changing the attitude of players on the sports field


  62. What does President Bush think of tapping oil in ANWR?

One main factor that has driven up medical expenses is thatdoctors are
compensated for the amount of care rather than its effect.

  C) The housing developers provide free trips for potential buyers.

W:Thereare any interpreters I know who don’t haveprofessional
qualifications and

  28. A) Go through a health check. C) Arrive early for boarding.

have a low time to do research prepare technical expressionsand so on

  35. What does the passage say about women students in Cambridge

Republications and the insurances industry are stronglyopposed to the
creation of a public insurances

  These are common remarks one may hear at various sporting events. At
the time they are made ,they may seem innocent enough. But let’s not kid
ourselves .They have been known to influence behavior in such a way as
to lead to real bloodshed. Volumes have been written about the way word
affect us. It has been shown that words having certain connotations
(含义) may cause us to react in ways quite foreign to what we consider
to be our usual humanistic behavior. I see the term “opponent” as one of
those words .Perhaps the time has come to delete it from sports terms.

significant role. It is time that we should place great emphasis on this

  Section A

16 how does the unemployment insurance help the unemployed?

  M: How much will that cost?

lifestyle for sure. Only by these robots will we witness and experience

  four choices marked A), B), C) and D). Then mark the corresponding
letter on

11What does the American Academy’s PD recommend mothers do?

  B) calling on players to use clean language in the court


  W: Can’t complain. Did you have time to look at my proposal?

Nowadays, when it comes to the issues of e-learning in thevirtual world,
individuals’ opinions vary from person to person. Some peoplebelieve
that e-learning on the Internet will bring us great convenience,
whileothers are worried about that it will ruin the nature of study. As
I see it,the issue that an increasing number of people are indulging in
the e-learningcan hardly be postponed in the coming future.

  D) Better-educated employees should be promoted.

can be taught by parents, and through school curricula that have been
shown to

  Question 57 to 61 are based on the following passage.


  You have just finished your meal at a fast food restaurant and you
throw your uneaten food, food wrappers, drink cups, utensils and napkins
into the trash can. You don’t think about that waste again. On trash
pickup day in your neighborhood, you push your can out to the curb, and
workers dump the contents into a big truck and haul it away. You don’t
have to think about that waste again, either. But maybe you have
wondered, as you watch the trash truck pull away, just where that
garbage ends up.

Nowadays, when it comes to the issues of living in thevirtual world,
individuals’ opinions vary from person to person. Some peoplebelieve
that the virtual world and its colorful and all-mighty contents
willenlighten our life, while other are worried about that it will ruin
the wholesociety. As I see it, the issue that an increasing number of
people areindulging in the virtual world can hardly be postponed in the
coming future.

  15. M: Do you want to go to the lecture this weekend? I hear the guy
who’s going to deliver the lecture spent a year living in the rain


  Q: What does the man suggest the woman.do?

W: No stop for sneaking the roses?

  Section A


  11. W: Simon, could you return the tools I lent you for building the
bookshelf last month?

30.不利选用A automatically

  75.A)spends C)lasts

7.Whatis Dana say about theinterpreters she knows?

  77. B 78. A 79. D 80. B 81. A

4.       What does the man sayis the risk of the innovation?


true even taking into account that many of the women in the study were

  Conversation One

M: Absolutely, if it doesn’t sound like too much cliché. Our world is
constantly changing and changing quickly. Mini to beinnovating
constantly to keep up with this. Standstill, you stop.

  D) She’ll finish her report this weekend.


  The period of engagement is the time between the marriage proposal
and the wedding ceremony. Two people agree to marry when they decide to
spend their lives together.

translated word for word. You have found the way ofsummarizing it. So
that themessages arethere, turning every single word intothe target
language wouldput too much strain on the interpreter and slow downthe
whole process toomuch.

  86.A)of C)by


  C) It will help reduce the nation’s oil imports.

31.没有疑问抉择N slightly

  Questions 47 to 56 are based on the following passage.

also be causing the sleep disruptions for mums. Right now, to reduce the

  Wise buying is a positive way in which you can make your money go
further. The 67 you go about purchasing an article or a service can
actually 68 you money or can add 69 the cost.

Standardization of forms for automatic processing will save alot of
medical expenses.

  A) Don’t be too optimistic.

the extinction of native languages.

  B)in D)from

9What is the long health view about the mothersleeping with new-born

  C) He holds a high position in his company.

2.       What did the companylack before the company was implemented?

  N (for NO) if the statement contradicts the information given in the

Qipao, as anexquisite Chinese clothing, originates from China's Manchu
Nationality. In theQing Dynasty , it was a loose robe specially for the
royal women. In the 1920s,influenced by Western clothing, it embraced
many changes, for example, narrowerthe cuffs and shorter the dress.
These changes enabled Qipao to fullyexpresswomen’s beauty. Nowadays,
Qipao quite oftenappears on world-class fashion shows. It is usually the
first choice forChinese women as they attend social parties. Meanwhile,
many Chinese brideswill select it as their wedding dress. Some
influential personalities evensuggest making it as the national costume
for Chinese women.

  77.A)cause C)leave

Q22: How these Peter Whitens view common change?

  52. B 53.L 54. H 55. C 56. G

The US has already lost more than a third of the native languages

  Answer Sheet 2 with a single line through the center.


  A) He angrily hit the referee with a ball.

46.科学抉择CInteractive television advertising issuccessful when
incorporated into situation comedies.

  Therefore, I believe it is time we elevated (提升) the game to the
level where it belongs, thereby setting an example to the rest of the
sporting world. Replacing the term “opponent” with “associate” could be
an ideal way to start.


  M: Will we be able to afford all this?

55.没有错抉择C Toshow the urgent need for the government to take action.

  17. M: This article is nothing but advertising for housing
developers. I don’t think the houses for sale are half that good.

W: What exactly is the strategic innovation then?

  Passage One

health problems, and so on.Moffitt said it's still unclear why
somechildren have better self-control than others, though other
researchers havefound that it's mostly a learned behavior, with
relatively little geneticinfluence. But good self-control can run in
families because children with goodself-control are more likely to grow
up to be healthy and prosperous parents."Whereas some of the
low-self-control study members are more likely to besingle parents with
a very low income and the parent is in poor health andlikely to be a
heavy substance abuser," said Moffitt. "So that's nota good atmosphere
for a child. So it looks as though self-control is somethingthat in one
generation can disadvantage the next generation."But the good news,
according to Moffitt, is that self-control

  B)best D)most

50.不错接收AThey may be due to the novel way ofadvertising.

  31.B 32.D 33.B 34.B 35.B


  For questions 8-10, complete the sentences with the information
given in the passage.


  How Is a Landfill Operated?

题目1:Try to imaginewhat will happen when more and more robots take
the place of human beings inindustry as well as people’s daily lives.

  C) The tools have already been returned to the woman.

It is not easy to curb the rising medical costs in America.

  B)single D)similar

people spend more and more people study online instead of attending

  Russia called the trade agreement (39) balanced. It agreed to slowly
increase fuel prices within the country. It also agreed to permit (40)
competition.in its communications industry and to remove some barriers
to trade.

house. They woke up more frequently or awake approximately 20 minutes

  B) Watching a film of the 1930s’.

they look for work.But now the insurance has run out for him and it has
to maketough choices. He comes back on medications and he no longer
support hisdisabled mother. It is devastating experiences. New
researchers says the USrecession that is now over. But many people
remain unemployed and unemployedworkers face difficult odds. There is
literally only one job opening for everyfive unemployed workers. So Four
out of five workers have no chance of findingjob. Business have
down-sized or shutdown across America, leading fewer jobopportunitiesfor
those in search ofwork. Experts who monitor unemployed statistic in box
Pennsylvania say abouttwenty-eight thousand people are unemployed and
many of them are jobless do tono force of their own.

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